Nächste Ausstellung:
Corleone Bar, Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 7
ab 17. Oktober (Vernissage, 20:00 Uhr)


James Sutherland is a Scottish artist, resident in Bavaria, well-known for his expansive abstract paintings. Works of unquestionable skill and dedication, often covering many metres-squared, are his speciality. A heady concoction of punk, colour, angst, protest, and elevated craft, his creations have graced the walls of institutions across Europe, including the Max Planck Institute and Tate's, Liverpool. However impressive, the sheer scale of his wood canvases has often made his desirable pieces unattainable to those who wish to own his singular blend of controlled chaos…That is about to change!
As a committed purveyor of anti-culture, James Sutherland has taken the bold decision to make his art more accessible to the people who deserve to enjoy it…The people he mixes with every day; the people on the street. With 33X33, the artist has reduced his craft to bite-size chunks of 33cm2, the perfect format to democratise ownership of his pieces. The manageable size and affordable price of these editions of Sutherland's art make this the perfect opportunity to bring a morsel of cutting-edge paint into your living-room, office, or bar. A distillation of all that makes this artist a mover-and-shaker on the scene, each piece is a concentrated cocktail of what makes this artist tick.

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